Our 4 x 1 hour drama series set in the 1890's Goldrush in the Klondike is currently in Post Production. Shooting took place between August 18th and October 3rd with delivery to TG4 expected in early 2015.


Our story centres on the three Connolly brothers: Tom, Séamus and Pádraig. When we first meet them they are working in the silver mines of Montana where word reaches them of a greater prize that has been discovered far to the North – gold.


In 1897 gold was discovered in the wilds of Northern Alaska and immediately the stampede began. Over 100,000 adventurers, gamblers, con men and fortune-hunters struck out for the remote Klondike Valley gold fields. Amongst them were thousands of Irish emigrants like the Connolly brothers who undertook the dangerous journey to the heart of the Yukon in search of gold and adventure.


Dominion follows the Connolly brothers from Montana to Dominion Creek, a town on which they will leave a permanent mark. Dominion Creek is a town built on greed in a land that God, if he exists there, has created in anger. The Connollys become embroiled in a deadly feud with Jacob Hopkins, the man who runs Dominion. When Séamus Connolly shoots Jacob’s son in a duel, Jacob vows revenge.


The Connollys become powerful figures in the Dominion themselves when their claim proves to be a goldmine but their new found wealth leads to a rift between the brothers. Tom Connolly is slowly corrupted by his lust for power and gold to the point that he turns his back on his own brothers. Jacob Hopkins uses this to his advantage to turn the Connollys against one another in the hope of wiping them all out for good.


Dominion is a story of greed and gold; of love and betrayal. Old values and fierce tribal loyalties are challenged by modern capitalism and nature’s savagery. In Dominion,  every man and woman has their price.