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International Co-Financing

Abú Media strive to be at the forefront of international co-productions with overseas producers looking to shoot in Ireland. Our strong track record with Irish financiers, broadcasters and past productions availing of Section 481 tax relief for filming in Ireland mean we can bring substantial funds to any suitable production.

Recent announcements by the Irish Government on extending the Section 481 Tax relief will benefit any inward productions and the level of return now at 32% means substantial funding is available with the right production partners.

Our own in-house finance department is well equipped to deal wiht any queries and Abú Media is also closely aligned with leading film specialists in Grant Thornton to bring you through alll the steps to a successful conclusion.

As a buyer at all the main television markets the company also actively acquires formats for production in Ireland. Recent format deals include House Dates (Zeal Entertainment, UK) and Go Go Stop (Ambience Entertainment, Australia).

 For more information on co-financing opportunities please contact accounts@abumedia.com