Eochair an Ghrá


Eochair an Ghrá - A Novel way to date for all you singletons!


Eochair an Ghrá is an insightful dating series which uses a unique approach in getting people together. It’s not about your looks but rather the look of your house! Eochair an Ghrá contains a fantastic mix of snooping around peoples houses, psychology and a little bit of love...

The dating series with a difference is presented by Eibhlin Ní Chonghaile and Psychologist Kevin Ó hEaghra.

Participants are in their mid twenties to early thirties and each week one of them is given the opportunity to snoop around 3 potential dates homes with the help of psychologist Kevin Ó hEaghra the participant chooses their favorite house in the hope that the owner lives up to the standard of their home!  


This 13 episode series was broadcast on TG4 in early 2009.


Eochair an Ghrá