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 Our autumn (that's Fall if you are from American and reading this) schedule is really filling up with productions. Currently in production but due to finish shooting is Garrai Glas which is now in it's 3rd series. GG is currently being edited by Joan and James is busy making the last few bookings for August / September to finish off the shoot for another 13 x 30 mins of this series.

Pre-Production is also under way in GUTH our BAI / TG4 funded series looking at the massive influence Ireland and Irish artists have had on the modern music scene from the Beatles to Oasis. Dathai is directing this one.

Dushlan na Marcach, our reality show search for Ireland's next top jockey is also in Prep with filming to start in September to Nov 12th with the big race scheduled for Naas on that date. Cathal Watters is directing this one.

Gartan Clay story is also scheduled for September shooting, this is a 30 min Cogar for TG4 on Gartan Clay........... don't ask. It's a Donegal thing.

Currently in post production is our BAI / TG4 series Cluain Tarbh about Brian Boru and the Battle of Clontarf in 1014. Amazing series and we can't wait to air it in Autumn on TG4. Also in the edit is Bog Stop our 66 x 25 mins kids quiz series. Lorrainne is busy editing away at this and is a fountain of trivial knowledge by this stage.

And on the dubbing front we're half way through Fraggle Rock, Winx Club, Puppy in my Pocket and many many more. They are great fun.

We have a few exceptionally good series in development with both RTE and TG4. Drama is the next big thing coming in 2012 / 2013

and the Abú roses are in full bloom as you can see.