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Joycean reverence for the word, stories held together by gut instinct, wit and pathos: this is Máirtín Jaimsie. Language and place forge identity, but this actor, broadcaster and Islander has to navigate a path through his own rough waters.


Máirtín Jaimsie glories in the thin line between past and future, dreams and reality; there’s no division between comedy and tragedy in his life, and there are no boundaries.


Clear memories of his youth in Árainn reveal the mind of the man. We glimpse Máirtín fishing, of his time in boarding school , of his famous Lucky in Waiting for Godot , Máirtín as a broadcaster and above all we see the wit and humour that is the fire in the belly of this extraordinary man. 

So snuggle up on the night and prepare to laugh, cry and wonder how one man can fit so much into a life worth living. Litir Ó Mháirtín Jaimsie on TG4 at 2030 December 26th.